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How to Keep Your Vehicle Cool in Hot Months

How to Keep Your Vehicle Cool in Hot Months | Iowa City Tire & Auto Image inside the hot summer using the car AC and a little fan to keep it the cool in summer

While Iowa City IA isn’t notorious for blazing temperatures, things can quickly turn from mild to hot in the summer. And when it does, it’s important to understand the steps you can take to keep you and your vehicle cool. Fortunately, Iowa City Tire & Service has outlined simple steps to keep your vehicle cool in hot months. 

Schedule Regular AC Repair & Service

When it comes to keeping you and your passengers cool, your car’s AC is your first line of defense. And while your AC system is reliable and will typically perform as intended, it’s imperative to have regular AC repair and service. AC service and inspections can help identify possible issues before they become significant problems. This preventative maintenance service can ensure the system is fully charged and working properly. Fortunately, your vehicle will typically demonstrate signs when it needs AC repair and service:

  • It no longer blows cold air
  • It cools inconsistently
  • You smell a foul or burning aroma
  • You have bad airflow
  • The AC starts cool but warms up
  • You notice leaking underneath the dashboard

If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact Iowa City Tire & Service for the best auto AC repair. And if you’re looking for the latest and most advanced R-1234YF AC repair and service, we are one of the few facilities in Iowa City IA that can perform the necessary solutions. 

Schedule a Coolant Flush in Iowa City IA

Similar to how oil reduces friction and wear and tear, engine coolant or anti-freeze plays a crucial role in safeguarding your engine and maintaining its optimal performance. The engine coolant serves as a heat transfer fluid, effectively absorbing heat from the engine while preventing the engine water from reaching boiling temperatures during hot spring and summer months. Furthermore, coolant offers protection against corrosion for plastic and rubber components while preventing rusting in metal parts.

Without sufficient coolant, the intense heat generated by the engine would inflict significant damage on the engine, culminating in expensive repair or engine replacement. However, coolant will not last forever. Instead, this liquid will naturally deteriorate, losing its effectiveness and accumulating rust and scale deposits. When this happens, it becomes vital to have a coolant flush.

A coolant flush is an essential service for the cooling system, designed to eliminate rust, dirt, and sludge that may have accumulated over time. It’s recommended to have a coolant flush performed every three to five years or as advised by the manufacturer. By incorporating a coolant flush into your maintenance routine, you not only prolong the lifespan of your water pump and ensure a clean and well-functioning cooling system. Ultimately, a coolant flush is a critical fluid service that shields your engine and other components from self-destruction.

Have Any Necessary Cooling System Services

When you have coolant fluid services, it will also include a comprehensive inspection of your entire cooling system. The cooling system comprises multiple parts and components, including the radiator, thermostat, hoses, and belt. During this inspection, the skilled mechanics at Iowa City Tire & Service will thoroughly examine the various cooling system elements to identify any leaks or signs of potential problems. We are often able to detect minor issues before they escalate into more costly repairs.

For instance, if a leaky hose is identified early on through an inspection, it can be promptly replaced. However, if the leaking hose remains undetected, it can gradually deplete the coolant from your system, leading to more extensive repairs such as radiator repair, engine repair, or even complete engine failure. By proactively addressing such issues through a comprehensive inspection, we can save you from unnecessary expenses and prevent more significant damage.

Work to Keep Your Interior Cool with Simple Tips

In addition to fluid services, there are several simple steps you take to prevent the buildup of heat in your vehicle. 

  • Use seat covers made from mesh, cotton, or other breathable materials.
  • Use a reflective sunshade windshield to block the sun’s rays.
  • Park your vehicle in the shade whenever you can.
  • Consider tinting your windows to filter out the sun.
  • Leave your windows slightly cracked whenever suitable.

Contact Iowa City Tire & Service in Iowa City IA for Cooling System Services & AC Repair and Service

At Iowa City Tire & Service, we offer every service your vehicle will need to remain functional and cool throughout the summer months, including: 

  • Coolant flush services and fluid exchange
  • Other fluid services, such as oil changes,
  • All types of radiator repair, 
  • Cooling system services, 
  • AC repair and service, 
  • And more. 

We are your one-stop auto repair center in Iowa City, IA. Contact us today to schedule service or auto repair. 

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