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Do I Need A Dealership Alternative? Yes, Indeed!

Do I Need A Dealership Alternative? Yes, Indeed! | Iowa City Tire & Auto in Iowa City, IA. Image of an inside look at Iowa City Tire & Auto’s shop, with different vehicles for servicing.

As the second largest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime, your vehicle is a significant investment. It only makes sense to protect your investment with regular preventative maintenance and the necessary car repair.

However, choosing the best auto repair facility in Iowa City, IA is often easier said than done. In addition to the plethora of quick lube shops on every corner, you have several dealerships in Iowa City, IA.

While quick lube shops may be the cheapest (for several reasons), dealerships are undoubtedly the most expensive. Fortunately, a better solution offers you the best of both worlds—a dealership alternative.

Iowa City Tire & Service is the premier dealership alternative in Iowa City, IA. With us, you will enjoy the cost-effectiveness of a smaller auto repair shop with the best-in-class, experienced auto repairs you would expect from a larger franchise dealership.

Let’s look at why it makes dollars and sense to choose Iowa City Tire & Service—the best dealership alternative in and near Iowa City, IA.

We Have the Best ASE-Certified Mechanics

When it comes to preventative maintenance and car repair, you shouldn’t settle for an untrained mechanic. But if you decide to take your vehicle to a quick-lube-style shop, you may do just that.

Such shops take several cost-cutting measures, including hiring inexperienced technicians who receive on-the-job training for particular tasks. Without the proper certification, a technician could miss a glaring problem that could cost you thousands of dollars.

It would be best if you only chose facilities that employ ASE-Certified mechanics. They are auto repair professionals who have undergone third-party certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Earning this distinguished designation is rigorous, so only the most dedicated auto mechanic will have the skill and expertise to do so.

We Offer a Warranty

We get it—having certain auto repairs can be expensive and nerve-wracking. It’s best to avoid those facilities that take a “repair at your own risk” approach. Instead, you should only turn to facilities that offer a warranty.

At Iowa City Tire & Service, we stand behind eligible repairs with a 3-Year/36,000-Mile Nationwide Warranty. However, facilities without an ASE-Certified mechanic will not be willing to go out on this limb to stand behind their work.

Skip the Wait at a Dealership Alternative

You’re in a rush! However, your wait time will be extensive if you visit the dealership for auto repairs. Many customers who visit a local dealership for automotive servicing report feeling like second-class citizens.

If you don’t want to wait, Iowa City Tire & Service is your best solution. In our expansive state-of-the-art facility in Iowa City, IA, we perform dealership-quality maintenance and car repair much faster and more efficiently.

Avoid Being Upsold on a New Vehicle

An auto dealership may be there for a reason: to sell a vehicle. And this is good if you’re looking for one. However, if you need an oil change, suspension repair, or new tires, you are probably not in the mood to be hassled by a sales pitch. Yet, it’s the reality.

It’s not surprising for service personnel at dealerships to pass your name as a potential buyer each time you bring your vehicle for servicing. However, when you choose a car repair dealership alternative, you can get the fast service you need without being offered a “top-dollar on your trade-in a vehicle.”


When it comes to finding the best auto repair and maintenance services at the best price, Iowa City Tire & Service is a sure pick. We have an unwavering commitment to customer service and pride ourselves on going above and beyond!

We invite you to check us out. Stop by our shop at 410 Kirkwood Ave., Iowa City, IA. You can also call us at (319) 338-5401 for inquiries or appointments.