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Car Suspension Service: Warning Signs That You Need To Know

Details and structure of the suspension, elements of the exhaust system are visible.

Did you know that your tires, brakes, and suspension system are often called the “safety triangle” of your vehicle? While most people understand how brakes and tires play a role in safety, your suspension and steering system is tasked with more than providing a smooth ride.

But after absorbing countless bumps and bruises on the road, this system will need suspension repair or car suspension service in Iowa City IA. Typically, around 50,000 miles or so, you will start to feel your suspension and steering system degrade, which can lead to a stiff, bouncy, and less-controlled road.

Fortunately, the experts at Iowa City Tire & Service offer a full range of car suspension services and suspension repairs. But how do you know when your vehicle needs suspension and steering service? Let’s take a closer look at the top signs your vehicle needs suspension repair and car suspension service in Iowa City IA.

You Hear Squeaks When Driving Over Bumps in Iowa City IA

No road in Iowa City IA or anywhere else in the United States is completely perfect. And when you drive over bumps and dips, your vehicle’s suspension and steering should absorb the impact. But if you hear loud squeaking noises when you cruise over the bumps or dips, it’s most likely your vehicle’s shock absorbers are shot.

Simply put, your shock absorbers work to dampen and absorb the compression and rebound of the suspension and springs. They control the unwanted and excessive spring motion while keeping your tires in constant contact with the road. When your shock absorbers wear and continue to diminish, you will notice your vehicle has become more difficult to control.

You Feel Every Bump and Dip of the Road in Iowa City IA

Another common symptom you need suspension repair or car suspension service is an abnormally bumpy ride. This can make driving over large potholes and even small undulations a significant challenge. Anytime your vehicle begins to feel like an old wooden roller coaster, you are in need of suspension repair and car suspension service. In most instances, the problem is associated with a worn piston assembly. If this is your experience, your vehicle needs immediate suspension repair in Iowa City IA.

The Weight Distribution of Your Vehicle Is Uneven

Just because you don’t hear squeaking or squealing noises doesn’t mean your suspension and steering systems are in good working order. In the event you notice one side of your vehicle sits lower than the other side while parked, you may need car suspension service. This is usually a very clear sign your vehicle has broken springs on one side or the other. And continuing to drive a vehicle with broken springs can be especially dangerous.

Your vehicle will have difficulty supporting the weight of the frame and body. When you add cargo and passengers to your vehicle in Iowa City IA, the problem can be even more pronounced. If you can identify with this scenario, you should reach out to the team at Iowa City Tire & Service today to schedule suspension repair.

Your Vehicle Is Much More Difficult to Steer

The ability to steer your vehicle is imperative. However, when you need suspension repair or car suspension service, your ability to steer could be hindered, even at low speeds. If you’re having a problem steering, it can indicate that components in your suspension system are lagging. These parts may require car suspension service, such as part replacement or oiling. In either case, it’s vital to have the necessary car suspension repair in Iowa City IA.


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