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Benefits of Regular Engine Oil Service and Fluid Checks

Mechanic pouring motor oil to engine

Your vehicle is the second-largest purchase you’re likely to make in your lifetime. Consider this: the average new vehicle comes out to be around $48,008, while the average used car is $33,582. Because of this, it’s imperative to protect your investment with regular oil service and factory-recommended maintenance. 

At Iowa City Tire & Service, we are the premier auto repair center in Iowa City IA. Our ASE-Certified mechanics can perform every auto repair your vehicle requires. But our goal is to prevent auto repair, and we do so by promoting factory-recommended maintenance, such as fluid service, and oil service. Let’s explore the types and benefits of regular oil service, fluid service, and factory-recommended maintenance in Iowa City IA. 

Oil Service Is the Most Important Factory-Recommended Maintenance in Iowa City IA

Oil service is the most critical preventative maintenance you can have. Motor oil is the only fluid between your engine effectively running and self-destruction. This fluid plays several roles in protecting your engine:

  1. Lubricates various engine parts
  2. Reduces wear and tear 
  3. Cleans engine components
  4. Helps engine components remain cool
  5. Develops a seal
  6. Dampens shocks
  7. Prevents corrosion
  8. Transfers energy
  9. And more

Over time, motor oil degrades, turns into sludge, and loses the ability to protect your engine. That’s why it’s vital to have oil services and replenish your engine with fresh, nutrient-rich oil. 

Transmission Fluid Service in Iowa City IA

Transmission fluid lubricates the many parts and components in your transmission. Because this component can run extremely hot, transmission fluid can degrade and break down over time. If you notice a burnt sweet smell or the transmission fluid is a darker color, it may be time for a transmission fluid service. In either case, refer to your owner’s manual for the factory-recommended maintenance to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Bolstered transmission performance
  • Reduced wear and tear on transmission components
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Extended transmission life
  • Smoother shifting operation

Coolant Flush Fluid Service Is a Vital Factory-Recommended Maintenance in Iowa City IA

The average under-the-hood operating temperature ranges from 195 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. With such enormous heat, coolant helps your engine stay protected from heat damage. At the same time, coolant works to prevent your engine from being too cold. Eventually, this fluid will lose the ability to protect and regulate engine temperature. This underscores why you’ll need coolant fluid service, such as a coolant flush or coolant exchange. The coolant fluid service, can:

  • Lubricate the water pump
  • Remove scale and rust 
  • Remove contaminants
  • Protect against foam and rust
  • Extend the life of your radiator and engine

An added bonus to having any fluid service performed is that we always perform a complete system inspection. During the inspection, we can often find minor problems before they snowball into massive problems. 

Brake Fluid Service in Iowa City IA

The importance of your brakes is never in question. In fact, your brakes are the single most important safety feature on your vehicle. Brake fluid is responsible for transforming the pressure generated by depressing the pedal into stopping power. However, debris can accumulate in your brake fluid over time and can absorb water, which can reduce its effectiveness and cause it to fail. To prevent this from occurring, it’s vital to have regular bake fluid changes and brake fluid service according to the factory-recommended maintenance schedule. By having brake fluid service, you can prevent your brakes from locking up during emergency braking and ensure you’re able to stop your vehicle. 

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