Leveling Kit? Or Lift Kit?

November 27th, 2016

Trucks sit high, and sedans sit low. It’s just a fact of life.Lift Kits in Iowa City IA

But if you want your truck’s suspension to sit a little higher, there’s a difference between leveling kits and lift kits. Let’s talk first about what a leveling kit does.

Just about all trucks come with a  certain degree of “rake” from the factory. This is due to stiffer springs in the rear, causing the rear to sit a few inches higher than the front. When you put a heavy load in the bed of the truck, you want the rear end to be able to drop a few inches with that extra weight. If the rear was the same ride height as the front, an extra thousand pounds of weight would cause the rear end to sag noticeably and would pull the front end up to a point where steering an ...[more]

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